Flow into Freedom Challenge

for Christ-Centered Female Coaches

Go from “What did I do all day??” to “Yay, I’m done!”

5 Days to get more bang for your buck

every time you’re at your desk

instead of still feeling like you’re stuck on repeat

while your to-do list keeps growing like there’s no tomorrow!

We start soon!








What would it look like if you were finally free? 

Free from the construct of TIME and living life on your own terms?

You will never work a day in your life if you are doing what you love.

It’s all about finding out how you work best to maximize those pockets of TIME so you can be in fullness of clarity and focus.

Find out how your personality type affects your focus

Uncover your Personal Energy Map

Learn what you should be doing at all times of the day to maximize your efforts

Learn how to best separate the wife, mom, friend/colleague hats so you're not feeling like you're going crazy carrying all of that load

Experience a level of freedom that allows you to stay in flow

I’ve studied all the bro-flow productivity systems and they never worked for me.

Those masculine mindset strategies never did work for my creative female clients.

It’s TIME to put those strategies to rest so you can find out what really works for women.

That’s what the Flow into Freedom Challenge is all about.


Daily Live Videos each afternoon

Small tasks each night for you to complete and implement

Clarity and intent on your next steps

Live Q&A Coaching Session to conclude the challenge

About     Me


Hi, I’m Kylie! I have over 20 years of combined Operations experience, while managing multi-million dollar projects for a Fortune 5 company in the US that has only 2% of female workers outside of the admin. 

If you’re feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things you need to do to grow and scale your online coaching business, I’m your girl! I’ve harnessed my operations and technical experience working with men to help female coaches and consultants scale from 6 to 7 figures in revenue, without being workaholics, estranged from their families. 

When I’m not sipping on a matcha latte while on Zoom calls with clients, you can find me chilling with my hubby at one of the many theme parks here in SoCal.

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Flow into Freedom Challenge

for Christ-centered female coaches