Excited to feature Christine Jerry, fellow Hawaii-born and digital marketing expert as we dove into the importance of healing and mindset work in building a successful business. Christine also shared her powerful “Content Puzzle” framework, which helps entrepreneurs structure their content plans while building expertise and connecting with their audience. 

Tune in to hear:

1. Why content pillars don’t work and why you should think of it as a puzzle instead

2. Why you need to take off your “backpack with rocks” and finally own your genius so you can create authentic content that makes your audience fall in love with the real you. 

3. How to set boundaries and make your first hire when you’ve been culturally conditioned to stay humble and not make waves.

If you’re an entrepreneur, who is also a mom, feeling burnt out or struggling to find balance, I highly recommend listening to this episode. You’ll gain insights, practical tips, and inspiration to navigate your entrepreneurial journey with grace and self-care.

Ever wondered why so many businesses struggle to be found online? In Christine’s ‘Fighting Visibility,’ she tackles this common marketing challenge head-on. The narrative unfolds as a personal journey, inviting readers to explore how to overcome the fear of being seen and offering a relatable guide for navigating the digital landscape. Ready to conquer your online presence? Dive into ‘Fighting Visibility’ and embrace the journey to be seen!


About Christine:

Born on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, Christine Jerry broke through generational restraints to find her voice and inner strength.

She built a 6-figure blog management agency and realized how much time it took away from her ohana (family). She transitioned into providing 1:1 consulting and DIY workshops.

Christine has helped 1,000s of business owners get found online by breaking through their fears and owning their genius.


Website: https://christinejerry.com/

Instagram: @virtualcollabhub