Today’s episode features Amy Yamada, 7-figure entrepreneur and Queen of Authentic Messaging. She shares her infamous Heart Speech Model and how she and her life and business partner, Ken, have created a tool to successfully blend AI and human authenticity in copywriting.

Listen in as we go deep on:

1. How to train AI to understand your voice and create content so good you can fire your copywriter.

2. The easy to write copy that really speaks to your ideal client – in just minutes. 

3. Why authentic communication with everyone in your life, not just your audience, is a must if you want to scale your business.

So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dive into this inspiring conversation!

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About Amy:

With over 22 years in marketing, sales, and business development, Amy Yamada will empower you to scale your coaching business to multiple six and seven figures, through irresistible messaging, a clear growth plan, and building a dream team to support you and your vision.

It’s time to deeply connect with your authentic self, your vision, and those you are meant to serve, so you can make a bigger impact and bring your dreams to life!