Meet Nikki Hutson, a business coach and expert in lead generation and automation strategies. Nikki shares how to generate quality leads and the power of automation tools, including a special ChatGPT outtake segment!

Main takeaways from this episode:

1. Quality Over Quantity: Learn why depth and quality of interactions are more important than sheer numbers when it comes to generating leads for your business.

2. Leveraging Automation: Discover how automation tools like Chat GPT and Genius Connector can help you effectively connect with and engage your target audience, saving you time and creating efficiency on tap!

3. The Impact of Burnout: Understanding the negative effects of burnout on your business mindset and specific strategies for preventing and overcoming burnout for long-term success.

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About Nikki:

Nikki Hutson, a mastermind behind Efficiency on Tap, seamlessly merges the worlds of business optimization and personal growth. A true connector and visionary, Nikki’s passion shines through as she crafts transformative experiences, from impactful mastermind events to coaching sessions that empower. With an innate ability to resonate with both entrepreneurs and everyday individuals, she’s a beacon for intentional living, unwavering growth, and the pursuit of balance in all spheres of life.


Instagram: @efficiencyontap, @thenikkihutson