Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to a deeper, more heartfelt episode of The Burnt Out Entrepreneur. Join us as we embark on a profound journey into the intricate world of grief and burnout.


In this episode, we’ll explore three essential aspects that hold the power to illuminate your path through these challenging times:

Breakdown of Misconceptions: Let’s gently challenge some common misconceptions about grief, such as it being on a fixed timeline and how the famous “five stages” is not always a linear process.

Not a One-size-fits-all Process: We’ll also explore how each of the Burnout Archetypes deals with the formidable duo of grief and burnout. From the driven Powerhouse to the Philanthropic nurturer, we’ll go deeper into how these archetypes shape our responses to life’s storms.

Creating a Supportive Structure: More practical and tactical steps on what to do to tame your brain, like setting boundaries, establishing comforting routines, and delegating tasks to maintain balance that make it easier to navigate the intricate tapestry of emotions woven by grief and burnout.

Join me as I share my heart of the day-to-day struggles and resilience in the face of grief, all while avoiding sliding into burnout. Learn exactly what I do with myself and my clients and avoid the slippery slope of falling deeper into the dark abyss of grief and burnout.