In the latest episode of The Burnt Out Entrepreneur, Tess Jewell-Larsen joins the hosts to talk about using Mindful Movement to regulate your nervous system, which is a key component to healing from burnout. 


Here are three key takeaways from the episode that you won’t want to miss:


  • Cultivate a supportive and compassionate relationship with yourself to prevent falling back into burnout.
  • Use mindful habits to monitor your nervous system daily, promoting self-awareness and proactive self-care.
  • Create moments of deep rest to allow your body and mind to heal, fueling long-term productivity and creativity. 


Are you experiencing burnout? Tess shares many tips on how to take care of your nervous system, from the inside out. Check out the full episode and join the conversation by leaving a comment below and sharing your experience with us.


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About Tess:


Tess Jewell-Larsen empowers women professionals, entrepreneurs and high-achievers to leave burnout and stress in the ashes while they achieve balance, clarity, and creativity in their work and daily life. Tess is a certified mindfulness coach, experienced yoga teacher and a Yoga Therapist in training. Tess emphasizes breath support, mindful movement, stress management, nervous system resiliency, mindset and lifestyle shifts, and taking small steps that build up, so that her clients feel more joyful, balanced, and optimistic, and thrive no matter what obstacles come their way.