In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Karen Light, the Doodle Empress and Creative Coach at HowDoodle. Karen is on a mission to awaken creative power and help people ignite their imagination and bring their ideas to life.


Karen shares her expertise on Visual Literacy, the ability to understand the ideas and meanings in what you see in symbols and pictures, and how this important skill can help entrepreneurs awaken creativity and tap into deeper layers of confidence.


You’ll learn how only using words to understand the world can limit our imagination, and how doodling can help us get below these loops and constructs to see things from a different perspective.


By the end of this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Understanding the impact of doodling on reducing stress hormones and activating all three learning styles to maximize your output.
  • How mindful doodling can help you switch from a state of stress to relaxation and access deeper levels of inspiration any time you need it.
  • The connection between visual information and inspiration, and how you can use this knowledge to boost your inner confidence.


Karen has a unique way to awaken confidence in women entrepreneurs.  Unleash your inner diva through doodling! So get into a comfortable space, gather your art supplies, and learn how to embrace your confident, glamorous self. She will help you explore your unique style, express your emotions, and share your diva-inspired artwork to inspire others. 


About Karen:


Karen Light is lit up by her calling to Awaken Creative Power and deeply values play, curiosity, and connection to ourselves and all that is. She is the Doodle Empress (aka Creative Coach and Founder) at HowDoodle, a company that helps people to spark their creativity to go after what they want and have more fun doing it! 


When she isn’t working on her two businesses, Karen makes her own art, loves to hike, is planning for a more nomadic lifestyle with her partner and two cats, and swings on the dancefloor.