Join us for another episode with Army veteran, biohacker, and mental health advocate, Sadie Tollberg, who I am thrilled to call a friend. Sadie and I first met at a local networking group called the Boss Ladies of the South Bay, which she runs and organizes.


As an entrepreneur who has experienced burnout, I know how important it is to have a community of supportive individuals around you. That’s why I am excited to have Sadie on the podcast to share her insights on mental health and burnout prevention.


In this episode, you’ll hear Sadie and I talk about:


  • Strategies for dealing with Open Tab Syndrome and quieting brain chatter.
  • The importance of removing toxins from the brain for overall mental health.
  • The connection between PTSD and ADHD in veterans and how these conditions can lead to burnout.


As a fellow veteran, Sadie understands the connection between PTSD and ADHD in veterans, a topic that is often overlooked. We hope this episode sheds light on the importance of prioritizing mental health, and the strategies that can be implemented to improve overall well-being.


About Sadie:

Sadie Tollberg is a veteran and former ER nurse, and currently the owner of Healthy Sadie.


She is very passionate about helping people, especially fellow veterans. She is a healer and has multiple resources for better health in all areas, both physically and mentally. She is a strong advocate for overall self-care and self-love.






Instagram: @sadie_Getting_Healthy