We’re thrilled to have her on the show, Chanel Robe, a Client Success Strategist and burnout survivor who is passionate about helping coaches and entrepreneurs achieve success without sacrificing their well-being. With a mission to help all clients get results without burning out, Chanel brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiring insights to our conversation.  


In this episode, Chanel and I dive into:


  • Why embracing chaos could be the key to proactively preventing problems
  • What every coaching program needs to have to generate recurring revenue
  • Simple strategies to stay energized and prevent the burnout rollercoaster


About Chanel:

Chanel is a Client Success Strategist, former people-pleaser and burnout survivor with a passion for client success. She is on a mission to help coaches and entrepreneurs help ALL their clients get results without burning out from overworking, overdelivering or overserving. Since ditching her firefighting hat, she uses her extra time to travel, rewatch her favorite animated movies and hang with family, friends, and Jesus.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chanel.robe


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chanelrobe/