We are thrilled to have Aimee Cerka, the Money Confidence Coach! With over 10 years of experience in the personal finance industry, and she’s here to share her expertise on how to ditch financial stress, struggle, and frustration, so that you can focus on building a thriving business without sacrificing your well-being. 


In this episode, Aimee and I talk about:


  • The importance of knowing your numbers and how to look at them from both a defensive and offensive standpoint, when most financial coaches only address the defensive.
  • Addressing the emotion behind those numbers so you’re not sticking your receipts in a junk drawer because you’re afraid to face them.
  • Setting up systems slowly, before you’re ready to outsource, so there’s less pressure on yourself.


Say goodbye to self-doubt, fear, and scarcity and hello to a life of financial abundance, security, and success. 


Are you ready to unlock your cashflow?


Aimee is hosting a workshop next week called Cashflow Unlocked, which contains the Top 5 Essential Keys To Increase Cash Flow (that she teaches to her 100+ clients – including me!): 


  • How to understand your numbers
  • How to be in control & confident with those numbers
  • So that you can increase your cashflow (which is part of the Offensive strategy!)


It’s all happening live on April 18th at 12 pm Central

[1 pm Eastern/11 am Mountain/10 am Pacific}


Click now to register for the workshop uncover the roadblocks holding you back and start your journey towards financial freedom today!


About Aimee:


Aimee is the Money Confidence Coach for the female entrepreneur who is ready to finally ditch financial stress, struggle and frustration. After over 10 years in the personal finance industry through multiple personal financial and medical crises, she was fed up with the lies that are being shouted from the rooftops by gurus and the media. So now she blends the practical strategies and mindset work together to help you step into unstoppable finances regardless of what’s going on in the economy so that you can finally figure out the money thing without sacrificing your lifestyle.


Website: https://aimeecerka.com


Instagram: @aimeecerka


LinkedIn: @aimeecerka


Facebook: @aimeecerka