Feeling burnt out as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, and managing money can add to the stress. But don’t worry, there’s hope!

In this episode of ‘The Burnt Out Entrepreneur’ podcast, Kylie and guest expert Raina Olliver, Fun Money Habit + Christian Money Mindset Coach, share valuable insights on how to remove your money blocks and feel empowered around your finances.

We all have different money personalities or archetypes, and it’s crucial to understand our triggers and behaviors around money. Raina shares insights on different money archetypes and how to identify your own. She explains how each archetype can impact our financial decisions and how to work with them to make more enjoyable and fulfilling choices.

Emotions like fear, shame, guilt, and jealousy can impact our relationship with money, causing us to feel restricted and overwhelmed. Raina explains how to identify and address these emotions, so we can make financial decisions with confidence and joy. She also shares practical tips on how to avoid common money pitfalls and develop healthy financial habits.

Finally, Raina highlights the importance of understanding biblical laws and principles for prosperity. She explains how these principles can guide our financial decisions and help us achieve abundance and success as entrepreneurs. By aligning our finances with biblical wisdom, we can overcome limiting beliefs and feel empowered to pursue our dreams.

Managing money as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be stressful. By understanding our money triggers, addressing our emotions, and aligning our finances with biblical principles, we can remove our money blocks and feel empowered to make positive financial choices in our businesses.

Unlock the secret to earning more and managing money like a pro! Learn how to break free from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from financial success. Discover the powerful insights hidden in your personal money story and identify the self-sabotaging habits that have been sabotaging your financial goals. Get ready to take charge of your financial future and start living your best life!




About Raina:

Raina is  a faith-based financial coach who can help you overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits. With her guidance, you can align your financial goals with your faith and develop healthy money habits.

Raina’s compassionate and faith-centered approach can empower you to live a life of abundance and generosity while keeping your focus on God. Trust in Raina’s expertise and let her help you unlock the financial freedom that comes with aligning your heart with your finances.

Website: https://www.funmoneyhabits.com/