Get ready for an amazing episode with the one and only Jennifer Nagel, online CEO and founder of the Success Revolution Society. Jennifer is the Connection Queen, an expert in developing meaningful connections on social media, and she’s here to share her signature framework for building genuine, profitable, and strategic collaborations with other female entrepreneurs online.


Standing out online while building authentic connections is more important than ever, especially for those of us doing business using social media. Jennifer’s 20+ years of experience have given her a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and she’s ready to share her insights with you.


In this episode, Jennifer and I will dive deeper into:


  • Embracing the Power of Community: In-person events and online communities can be powerful tools for networking and meeting fab collab partners. Jennifer stresses the importance of finding and engaging with communities that align with your values and goals


  • Prioritizing Authenticity: Building genuine connections requires authenticity and vulnerability. Jennifer encourages you to approach networking from a place of service, seeking to add value to others rather than just focusing on what you can get in return so that you don’t come off as sleazy and desperate.


  • Following a Strategic Framework: Jennifer’s signature framework for building authentic connections involves identifying your ideal collaborators, nurturing those relationships, and approaching collaborations strategically for maximum impact.


So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode is jam-packed with valuable advice that you won’t want to miss. Get ready to build connections the right way online – even if you’ve been burned by sleazy DM tactics in the past. 


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About Jennifer:


Jennifer Nagel is an online CEO and founder of the mastermind community, Success Revolution Society. 


In her 20+ year professional career, she has mastered developing meaningful connections in business. Her signature framework guides female entrepreneurs to build genuine, profitable and strategic collaborations so that they can step into the life they imagine on their vision board.




Instagram: @therealjennifernagel


LinkedIn: @therealjennifernagel