Are you tired of feeling like a victim in your relationships and daily life? Do you often find yourself feeling burnt out from constantly trying to rescue others? Do you struggle with criticizing others, leading to strained relationships?

It’s time to break the cycle and adopt a more empowering approach to conflict resolution and burnout management. That’s why we’re excited to have Ashlee Livingstone back again, as she explains how to transform the Drama Triangle into the Empowering Triangle.

In this episode, Ashlee Livingstone and I will take you:

  • From Rescuing to Empowering: How to support others in a way that promotes growth and self-sufficiency
  • From Criticizing to Challenging: The importance of respectful and solution-focused communication in resolving conflicts
  • From Victim to Creator: Taking control of your life and actively shaping your circumstances for a more fulfilling and empowering experience.

Remember, you’re the master of your own drama and the creator of your own life story. So go out there and start living your best drama-and-burnout-free life, one day at a time.


About Ashlee:

A combination of energy, creativity, and passion, Ashlee is known for her original ideas, executed with a thoughtful logistical approach, helping bring out the best in every undertaking. After working with leaders in the non-profit and corporate sectors for many years, Ashlee understands that we are all struggling with similar challenges. Whether inspiring leaders and teams to build a thriving culture of gratitude and value or working with nonprofits to create meaningful donor relationships, Ashlee works to build connections – between people, their goals, and the broader community.

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