How many times do you catch yourself saying, “I’m busy!” when anyone asks you to do something? It’s as if one more thing on your plate will break the camel’s back. And, you know what? That might very well be true – you simply can’t add anything more to your already crammed and busy schedule before you have a breakdown.

But what if I told you that keeping yourself busy was a game of smoke and mirrors? That there is actually something else beneath the surface that’s happening?

In this episode, Ashlee Livingstone, Chief Engagement Officer at, and I will be talking about 

  • Why we’re competing to see who can be the busiest and who has the most on their plate
  • Why we need to change the story around keeping better boundaries
  • And the REAL reason we keep ourselves so busy and why it’s all an illusion.

About Ashlee:

A combination of energy, creativity, and passion, Ashlee is known for her original ideas, executed with a thoughtful logistical approach, helping bring out the best in every undertaking. After working with leaders in the non-profit and corporate sectors for many years, Ashlee understands that we are all struggling with similar challenges. Whether inspiring leaders and teams to build a thriving culture of gratitude and value or working with non-profits to create meaningful donor relationships, Ashlee works to build connections – between people, their goals, and the broader community.

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