What can you do if you’re a hyper-achiever who’s forgotten how to relax?

How do you even begin to unwind from the addiction to productivity when you feel like your business can’t run without you?

Can you really give up your addiction to getting things done and checking off the boxes?

In this episode, you’ll hear ​​Carla’s solution to her addiction to productivity and checking off boxes, and what finally broke the camel’s back for her, such as:

  • How to know if you’re actually addicted to productivity
  • Why it’s impossible to have productivity without relaxation
  • How she uses this tool to give her brain a “drink”

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About Carla:

Carla Reeves, LLC – Coach/Mentor & Podcast Host, Differently

Carla brings over a decade of experience helping hundreds of leaders from corporate CEO’s, to film directors/producers to multi-million dollar entrepreneurs do work they love without sacrificing their personal lives. Carla is the host of the Differently Podcast, where she helps individuals develop a growth mindset and take control of their lives.