Last week I saw a new nutritionist and found myself in a full blown detox headache for about 2 days.

During this time I was in complete rest mode, didn’t even have my phone near me because she muscle tested me and EMF is making me sick.


Did I miss a few phone calls or texts? Yes

Did I feel bad about it? Sure

Are other people worth more than my health and well-being? HECK NO.

Do you just say Yes without checking your calendar and get yourself double booked?

Or worse, do you say Yes, but when the time comes to have the meeting, attend the event, volunteer at church, you’re already feeling wiped out?

When you don’t have any energy to give, it’s your cue to rest.

It took me years of packing my schedule and suffering from total burnout that took me off work to realize that my health is worth more than money. 


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