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Increase your self-worth to 
Increase your net-worth

You are probably reading this in one of 3 places…

  • On the couch after falling asleep while watching Hallmark movies, secretly resenting the workaholic marketing exec onscreen who got her “dream life” in only 2 short hours!
  • Feeding your face at your desk while scrolling your social feed, hate-liking Sally’s vacation photos while silently steaming that you never have time to do what you REALLY want to do!
  • Slurping down a caramel macchiato in the car, checking work emails, wishing you could take back the ugly words you screamed at the kids because you were stressed about being late to practice.

What if instead you could…

  • Leisurely stroll into the office ahead of time knowing that everything is already scheduled or delegated.
  • Not have to worry about having your calendar over-booked, because your worth isn’t determined by how much you do, but who you are.
  • Sit down at the dinner table at the end of the day, cracking up at the latest TikTok videos with the kids, with your phone turned OFF. 


I help women become better leaders and collaborators.

No more do fierce females have to claw their way to the top to prove themselves.

It’s time to 

Own your Worth

Ask for what you Want


Get what you Deserve!


Are you ready to completely unveil the fierce female within? 


Great leadership comes from knowing that you deserve the good life without having to work extra hard to prove yourself – to anyone.

Be the woman that is healthy, happy, and whole.  

That pushover persona you’re using to get people to like you makes you completely invisible to those who have the power to promote you.

Take back control of your life.  


The time is now

Don’t let your past determine your future.

It’s time to let people see the fierceness within. 

Seeing what’s behind the veil is my superpower. 

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